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Visiting or discovering Antwerp? Award winning guide Tanguy Ottomer collected original activities in Antwerp, the center of the world according to its inhabitants. Discover all activities below!

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Passionate guide and personal shopper Tanguy Ottomer (1981) developed his one-man business into the successful 'Buro BeroepsBelg' that offers various original activities and more in various Belgian cities. His spontaneous approach has earned him a lot of praise, including from The New York Times, The Financial Times and CNN, who named Tanguy "one of the 7 savviest tour guides in the world".

Discover within this page his range of best activities in Antwerp! Would you like a guide in hand? Discover our books via the webshop!

Best activities Antwerp with professional city guide at your side!

Discover why Antwerp residents are so full of their city! All details such as price, duration, start and end place can always be found via the button below. In addition, book through our online payment platform and receive a 10% discount. PS: Frequently asked questions about our guides, day activities Antwerp and more can be found on our FAQ page.

Eilandje 2.0

Het Eilandje, first as a harbor area, today as the most promising district of Antwerp. With museums such as the MAS and the Red Star Line, the brand new Havenhuis, dazzling lofts and expensive yachts, this former harbor neighborhood has a lot to tell. The mix of culture, architecture and a fine example of urban innovation are all discussed here.

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Time Machine Antwerpen

This activity was created by professional guide Tanguy Ottomer who delved into various archives to present a unique collection both in the book "Time Machine Antwerp" and in this unforgettable day activity. Truly "a trip down memory lane" for the less young participant or a fascinating discovery for others!

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Antwerp activities at BeroepsBelg.

The Fashion Walk

Antwerp is the fashion center of Belgium. Since 1963, you can follow the Fashion course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. It is there where the Antwerp Six got to know each other and became internationally known. How did this all start and who are these Antwerp Six? Your Professional Belgian, Tanguy Ottomer, will tell you all about it during his most successful activity "The Fashion Walk".

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Trade fair Antwerp

""The Mother of Scholarships in the World". The trade fair in Antwerp served as a model for those in London, Paris and New York and has an incredibly rich history. During this exclusive tour you will learn the many secrets of this jewel in the Antwerp crown. Join an expert who will reveal the past, present and future of this palace during one of our day activities in Antwerp.

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Antwerp activities at BeroepsBelg.

Nello & Patrasche

The most widely read story in the world about Flanders takes place entirely in the Koekenstad. Nello & his dog Patrasche are very well known in Japan; in fact, 5 Hollywood movies have been made about this story, and hardly anyone here knows about it. Why is it so well known abroad? Who wrote this successful story in 1872? Get to know this fairytale full of friendship and pride with our Antwerp guide by your side!

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Art down the street

Looking for daytime activities in Antwerp? The city is actually one big open air museum. You can discover statues, graffiti and comic strips, fountains, etc. Look with an open mind at all the beauty that the streets have to offer. Did you know that Belgium has the most cartoonists per square kilometer? Or that no fewer than 200 statues adorn the streets of Antwerp? The most surprising activity at BeroepsBelg!

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Antwerp activities at BeroepsBelg.

Bar legends

The secrets of some urban legends, supplemented with fun, thirst-quenching stops in various brown bars, is the common thread of this successful day activity in Antwerp. Businesses, families and friends can indulge themselves here. Let's face it, who doesn't like to have a drink in good company in a beautiful place?

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Southern Antwerp

The hottest part of the City used to be divided into cultural and port areas. In the 21st century, this entire district was transformed into a neighbourhood of arts, galleries and trendy bars. Get to know this cosy neighbourhood like no other, thanks to Tanguy Ottomer, during this fantastic activity "Southern Antwerp".

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Antwerp customised activities

Would you like to have an activity in Antwerp designed entirely according to your wishes? Can't choose between our activities and do you want a mix of different walks? Or do you have a specific topic that you would like to immerse yourself in? Then "Customized Antwerp" is the best choice for you.

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Antwerp activities at BeroepsBelg.

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