Stay informed about all the new hotspots and the reliable classics in the hospitality and cultural world of Belgium. Tanguy Ottomer selected the right tips and facts for you!

Which Brown Pub deserves a protected status?

Professional Antwerp resident Tanguy Ottomer wants the interiors of the brown bars in Antwerp to become protected heritage. Which pub do you think qualifies for this?

City guides wanted

Everyone has come out of the corona sleep and the bookings are pouring in. Are you an experienced city guide and do you want to strengthen our team in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges or Knokke?


Do you have fun stories, beautiful photos and/or funny anecdotes about the Antwerp gold Elixir d'Anvers?

Did you know...?

Het Steen is not the oldest building in the city?

Trade fair must continue to shine!

One person who would like to stop this rich history. Don't let this happen and please sign this petition.

Call : City of the Past 4

In the bestseller series City of the past I am looking for the shops of the past in the Koekenstad.

Tomorrow Lost Monday

Do you know why a special 'sausage bread day' is celebrated every year in Antwerp? Lost Monday is an ancient tradition celebrated every Monday after Three Kings Sunday. But how do we get to this tasty Monday?

Nello & Patrasche forever in light?

This year, during the Christmas period, the Antwerp city council has cast a beautiful light on the statue of Nello & Patrasche on the Handschoenmarkt.

Tip for under the Christmas tree

After the book: the memory game! You can now also play Time Machine Antwerp in a fun memory game.

New book "Time Machine Antwerp"

Dive into the nostalgic world of Tanguy Ottomer's Antwerp.

New book 'Time Machine Antwerp'

CALL : Photos and stories of Brasschaat wanted

Do you have old photos or fascinating stories about Brasschaat?

Nello & Patrasche

A brand new book about the most read story ever written about Flanders!

Gift idea for Mother's Day

Does your mom or grandma deserve an extra nice gift for Mother's Day? Search no further.

Did you know ... about Belgium?

As a small country in Europe, we have created quite a few milestones throughout history. Read here some exceptional moments in our 190 year history...

Did you know?

... the modernist architect Léon Stynen would have a birthday today? The man who drew casinos and unique constructions that everyone admired. You will be surprised which buildings are his!

NEW: book about the beautiful Antwerp Trade Fair

Author of the bestselling series "City of the Past", Tanguy Ottomer, has finished his brand new book: Handelsbeurs Antwerpen Past & Present.

Best Lunch spots with a story #Antwerp

Professional Belgian Tanguy Ottomer shares his best facts and tips for a wonderful time in Belgium. Today he reveals his secrets with the lunch spots in Antwerp with a story.

Professional Belgian comes to Hasselt

Are you a born storyteller and do you have experience as a guide in Hasselt and the surrounding area? Do you speak two or even several languages fluently? Leave your details via the following form.

Call: Elephant Bridge Expo 1930

Help us find all the information about this impressive work of art!

21 January 2019


CALL : Support Belgian entrepreneurs during this crisis

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