Antwerp on air!

The weekend of May 31st - June 1st & 2nd, 2024, marks the first edition of the air festival 'Antwerp on Air'. Discover gigantic inflatables at various locations between Operaplein and Groenplaats.

With thanks to: Beleef Antwerpen, Shopping Stadsfeestzaal, Grand Bazar shopping, City of Antwerp, Katoen Natie, The Phoebus Foundation SON, Indaver, City Smiles, Alderman Caluwaerts, X-treem, and Handelsbeurs Antwerpen.



The installations at a glance:

Teniersplaats : Tiger

Leysstraat 6 : Flowers

Stadsfeestzaal : Pink Elephants

Hand op de Meir: Drop (artist Stephanie Sim)

Handelsbeurs : Earth & Moon

General Building Meir : Octopus Tentacles

Boerentoren : King Kong

Grand Bazar : Flamingos

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