Can I join a group tour?

Yes, we recently started the 'Best of Antwerp' tour every Saturday from 2-4 p.m. All other tours can always be booked privately.

We are with a small group. Can we also book a tour?

Of course. We start with a tour as of one person. You pay the starting amount of 15p. If you are alone, with six or eleven: you always pay for 15p.

I have no idea at the moment how big my group will be. Can I pass on the exact number later?

Yes you can. However, we ask you to already book for 15p, the extra number of participants can be communicated until 1 day before your event, only when you pay by credit card. Without payment by card, we ask you to  confirm the correct number a week in advance. This is the only way to be sure of your reservation.

My group is larger than 25p. Will our group be split up?

Yes, as soon as there are more than 30 participants, we will provide a second guide (no extra charge). This is for the comfort of the participants and the voice of the guide. We have a super fun and enthusiastic team of fascinating ambassadors in every city!

I would like a mix of different tours. Is it possible?

Absolute. We are happy to make a fully customized tour.

How can I get 10% online discount?

Only when you book a private tour and pay via our payment platform, you will automatically receive a 10% discount.

We can't make it on time last minute, what should we do?

Arriving late can happen in exceptional cases. We ask that you message the emergency number +3249425419 in advance. Half an hour late without any notice is seen as a cancellation by the customer and the guide will return home.

I want to cancel my tour. Do I get my money back?

We do not make any kind of refunds up to 30 days before the reservation. If you cancel more than a month in advance, we will gladly give you a voucher for the amount already paid, which remains valid for a full year on all products from our range.

We would like Tanguy Ottomer as a personal guide. Is he always the guide?

No. Do you want Tanguy as your personal guide? Then an additional fee will be charged. Only in this way are you 100% sure that he is your guide.

Can I choose my favorite guide myself?

Yes, you can always state your preference, but everything depends on the availability of the guide. We will do everything we can to reserve the right guide for the right customer.

What happens if it rains?

Each tour continues as scheduled. Rain or shine: our guides are always there. There is always a place where we can take shelter if necessary.

Are all tours wheelchair friendly?

Normally all our tours are wheelchair friendly. Just be sure to include it with your reservation so that the guide can take it into account.

I would like a tour of the stock exchange. Can this be done at any time?

No. Everything depends on the events that take place there. We are happy to find the perfect date for you.

I had a reservation during a mandatory lock down and received a voucher / gift card, but it has expired. What now?

Only during a mandatory lock down did our customers receive a voucher / gift card for the entire amount and this was done completely free of charge. These were valid for an extra long period up to a maximum of two years. An extra extension on top of that or a refund will never be made.

How long is my voucher/gift card valid?

Each voucher or gift card is valid for 12 months as standard (unless stated otherwise). If the voucher is valid for longer, it will be stated on it. Refunds or renewals are never made.

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