City of the Past

Lost pearls of Antwerp

A nostalgic photo and text book by Tanguy Ottomer about disappeared buildings, squares and statues in his city, such as:

  • The chic Hotel Weber or the green Geuzenhofkes on the Rooseveltplaats.
  • About 12 neighborhoods and squares in the Antwerp city center, the buildings that once stood there and the life that took place there.
  • Told enthusiastically and with a lot of knowledge.
  • Extensively illustrated with over 100 archival photographs, from 1910s black and white postcards to personal family photos from the 1970s.
  • A plea for careful handling of heritage, but above all a declaration of love for the city of Tanguy Ottomer.
  • A must for Antwerp residents of all ages, and for visitors who want to get to know the soul of the city of yesteryear.

Vrijdagmarkt 12 2000 Antwerpen
T +32494254159

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